​Progressing with the community


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Agrasar has also collaborated with Sahpathi www.sahpathi.in for its learning centre in Gurgaon. Sahpathi is an early childhood education project to address learning deficiencies among underprivileged children of Gurgaon.

Program "Shoch ki Soch"

with 80 Government Schools in Raigad

  • Child Centric Approach

  • Holistic Curriculum

  • Systematic Assessment

  • Capacity building of Teachers

  • Parental Engagement

  • Exposure visits

  • Early Childhood Care and basic health

  • Mainstreaming on case to case basis

Working with 80 Government Schools in Raigad district of Maharashtra to help students get better access to water and sanitation facilities and thus improve enrolment and attendance. Next step is to work on 'quality aspects' of education in these remote villages.

Linkage, Affinity, Progress

are the three pillars of Agrasar's flagship program in Education

500 Children every year

A collaboration of non-formal learning centres in Gurgaon to share strengths and withstand common challenges for providing holistic education to disadvantaged children.

Share Strengths
  share existing curriculum and teaching practices
  share knowledge on child rights and education system
  organize workshops and events 
Withstand challenges
  develop a holistic curriculum
  conduct teachers’ training
  facilitate migration of students between different centres as needed