Agrasar Bachpan

Our Approach

We run community based learning Centres where we enhance the education attainments of children who are out of the mainstream school system. The goal is to bring them up to age-appropriate levels so they can join the formal school system. Agrasar focusses on the holistic development of the children enrolled in its learning centres, building a strong foundation for life-long learning. The teachers facilitate skill development to enhance children's personalities, their academic performance, and their outlook towards the future. The centres work in close partnership with the parents, to ensure their support in encouraging their children and reinforcing learning at home.

Preeti Pande

Program Lead

Children from underprivileged communities do not go to schools due to lack of opportunity, accessibility or motivation. We are trying to create opportunities and instill a love for learning in them. With your support, we are determined to reach out and develop life skills and enhance learning attainments in children who are at risk.

Our Impact

How We Do It


We teach 1000 children over 4 locations in Gurugram, Mathura and Bathinda every year. More than 100 out-of-school children have been mainstreamed over last 2 years.


Latest round of ‘Impact Assessment’ is Under Process. Shall be updated by 15 March 2018.

Tidings from the field

Like every year, Children's Day 2017 was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. This is a day recognised to celebrate every child and her spirit. Children actively participated in various games that were organized by the teachers. The celebration included playing games like Hoopla and enacting one another. Dance and music added to the merry-making.

With the change in season, diseases like Dengue and Typhoid become wide spread in Gurugram, especially in the communities we work. In order to take precaution, a Vaccination camp was organised in Islampur in Collaboration with Max India Foundation.

The students of all Bachpan centres visited the Sanskriti Museum of Terracotta, Textile and Metal. The children also participated in workshops on pottery and clay modelling and tried their hand on making piggy-banks, flower vase, cups, and other such products.

Our Students


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Tannu Grover

Deputy Coordinator

My parents always wanted me to do a job "suitable for girls". However, I always had different dreams! When I joined Agrasar as a community mobiliser in 2014 I was eager to take up more and more challenges even though I was hesitant to communicate with people. Guidance and support provided by my seniors always motivate me to do my best. Now, I have no hesitation in talking to anybody :)