Our Approach

Agrasar seeks to develop fundamental workplace competencies in youth who have completed their education to a minimum of grade 8 and are looking to be employed within the next 6 months. Our program seeks to prepare the youth not just for entry level jobs but also for long-term progression in their careers. Therefore, Agrasar's Employability Programme places a strong focus on self-awareness, organization communication, inter-personal skills, Information Technology and spoken English proficiency. Following their placement in the industry, participants are also provided with need-based post placement support so that they begin their career on a strong footing. We also run a post-placement Support Centre for youth trained under various Skill India schemes.

Kanak Singh

Program Lead


Girls in our Employability Programme face challenges on two fronts that they need to surmount-that of finding jobs they aspire towards and to convince their family members to allow them to step out of the confines of their home and work. Over the last one year in Agrasar, I have seen many of them being able to deal with these challenges and do well for themselves. However I face a personal dilemma of whether to consider a 70% placement rate amongst girls satisfactory as compared to a 90% rate amongst boys. I am sure the team is putting in their best efforts, but we need your support to do even better.

Our Impact

How We Do It


We train 1200 youth in Gurugram, Mathura and Bathinda every year with a Placement Rate of 80% and Retention Rate of more than 90%.


Latest round of ‘Impact Assessment’ is Under Process. Shall be updated by 15 November 2017.

Tidings from the field

Street Plays on the theme - “Beti ghar ki Roshni” - were organized in four villages of Mathura. The objective was to inspire people to encourage girls to get educated and to step out and work. More than 200 people participated in the event and many of them vowed to "change". After the street play, discussions were organized around the topic which got people to make personal connections and share their experiences.

An exposure visit to Big Basket Warehouse, Gurgaon was organized for the students of the Employability Programme. The students were taken through the work processes and gained insight into the organizational culture. Participants were taken on a tour of the warehouse to enable them to experience the work environment. The participants gained valuable insight into a career field which many of them were interested in exploring.

A session on the BPO industry was conducted by Ms. Priyanka Lal which focused on how BPOs work and the career opportunities the industry offers. The very informative session helped participants prepare for interviews and many of the myths associated with the culture of the industry were addressed.

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Richa Sharma


One of the key components of our training program is exposure visits to organizations to help the participants understand the nuances of a working environment. During these visits the participants experience the business processes, interact with team members, learn about job roles and the skills required to grow within the organization. It also helps the participants to relate the classroom sessions with real life scenarios and develop relevant skills. While we organize the visits at periodic intervals, we would like to increase the frequency of these visits to enhance the learning of the participants.