Skills development of youth as per their aptitude and need of the 

local industry, and, facilitating meaningful placements. 

social security

Facilitating access to basic services that people from marginalised communities are entitled to, as citizens of the country, but, often deprived of.


Focusing on remedial and supplementary education, in under-served urban communities and ensure that children appreciate the joy of learning.

Agrasar seeks to promote sustainable socioeconomic development of marginalized communities by systematically helping them build capacities and realise their true potential. 

​To achieve this, Agrasar: 
• enables youth to lead better lives and earn livelihoods in a more meaningful manner by enhancing their skills,  
• works with children to provide them with an education that would help them expand their horizons,  
• helps migrant workers and their families by providing them a platform to lead more dignified lives,
• and plays a role in influencing implementation of local public schemes related to the above themes.  

​While performing these activities, Agrasar continues to uphold and foster the values of equity, creativity, integrity, and excellence." 



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