Our Approach

In today’s world, more women are progressing remarkably on their career paths, while managing to be good homemakers at the same time. However, women in poor socio-economic contexts continue to stay at home not by choice, but due to lack of opportunities or social taboos. The city of Gurgaon has more than 2 lakh of such women and many of them want to be financially active. We reach out to these women and help them generate some income from home-based jobs. This way, she does not only boost her household income, but she also grows in many ways as an individual and hence contributes to the growth of the society. This is how she becomes a Societymaker.

Pallavi Gulati

Being a part of this eco- system has made me realize that livelihood opportunity transcends beyond earning money. It's about aspects such as having a social circle, having people with whom one can share experience and ambitions. At Societymaker women are a source of a support system for each other. It inspiring to see how the women share joy, sorrow and a engage constructively with each other and the larger society.

Our Impact

How We Do It


We work with 100 women over 4 locations in Gurgram. Our Societymakers save or invest most of the earnings in value adding activities.


Latest round of ‘Impact Assessment’ is Under Process. Shall be updated by 15 November 2017.

September 2017

Ms. Shaila Gaikwad facilitated a workshop on “diya decoration and painting”. It was both a source of learning and platform for the Societymakers to express and explore their creativity. The result was magical. Within two hours we were surrounded by 75 unique and beautifully hand painted and embellished diyas. All the faces were lit up with bright smiles and a sense of accomplishment. This is a great kick-start to the festive season!

Societymaker recently developed and delivered customized file folders and file holders to a few corporates, our partner Cargill being one of them. The companies will be using it for gifting it to their employees during the festive season. With 50 regular and equal number of part-time trained Societymakers, we are always confident to deliver quality products in time. If you too are looking for corporate gifts, Contact -

Societymaker participated in "Earth Mela", held at the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre in New Delhi. Our regular products like diaries, folders and Jhola bags were sold like hot cakes! We also introduced new range of pouches - redesigned after customer feedback. We are all set for stalls at the LetsBunk Poshtel in the month of October and the American Embassy in November. Do visit our production units in Sikanderpur and Islampur villages in Gurugram.

Our Societymakers

Neelu Roy, 33

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Chanda Begum, 28

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Madhumita Kumari, 25

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Garima Sahani

It feels so good to see these wonderful women break the shackles and work with so much enthusiasm. With every production order that comes in, there is so much excitement and zeal to learn, that it inspires us more to work with them. With their trust on us, comes the great responsibility to help them progress and realise their dream. We plan to make 'Societymaker' an organised business unit, run by the women themselves. It is a challenging task but we are working together to make this happen. There is a long way to go but we surely have taken the first step to transform each of our women from a home-maker into a Societymaker.