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1. Agrasar – Safe In India Research titled “What can safeguard workers?”

The research had the following objectives:
To identify key reasons for and consequences of crush injuries in automotive manufacturing industry in Gurgaon.
To establish a qualitative understanding of pre and post-accident factors and lasting effects on workers’ livelihoods.
A qualitative - case study based approach was adopted and 20 in-depth worker interviews were conducted along with interactions with various manufacturers, supervisors, doctors and other stakeholders to understand various pre-accident and post-accident facets of the issue under consideration. The existing safety mechanisms, availability and quality of safety gear, training on technical aspects & safety rules, ease of access to ESI services, role and support of employers, contractors, co- workers, supervisors and the long lasting impact on quality of life were studied and analyzed.

2. Need Assessment & Roadmap for Skill Development
Palwal, Haryana | Palghar, Maharashtra | Dharuhera, Haryana
Bhiwadi, Rajasthan | Gurgaon, Haryana

Study objectives include ascertaining the following at an overall district level:

Current employment context and entry-level manpower requirement in and around Palghar
A comprehensive understanding of the youth in Palghar - their qualifications, aspirations and aptitude
Existing government and private infrastructure for skill development in the district
The quantitative and qualitative gap in skill development
Suggest specific and actionable interventions to address the skill gap

3. Research on needs, gaps and possible responses to challenges faced by migrants in Gurgaon

The research tried to find answers to following quesitons - From where, why and how do people migrate? What are the kind of jobs they are in, legal status of employment and challenges faced by them at work place? What is the status of children’s and youth education? What are the challenges faced regarding availability and patterns of shelter and food to them? What is the status of health and nutrition of the migrants, sanitary conditions and availability of affordable health services? What is their financial status i.e. Family income, savings, expenditure, pattern of sending money to their family? Are the Government schemes accessible to them? And, What can be possible responses to deal with these issues.Type your paragraph here.