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Agrasar seeks to collaborate with skilled and passionate individuals for adding value to our existing work. 

Following areas have been identified in which volunteering support is sought:

A. Career Counselling

A majority of the students enrolled in Agrasar vocational training centres are not aware of various career options they have and career progression in those vocations. There is a need to document and deliver counseling sessions so that students can make informed choices. 

B. Placements

Agrasar has placed around 200 students so far in gurgaon over last one and a half years.  The placements have been satisfactory with a median salary has been over Rs 7000 per month. However, there is always a scope of improvement and we always seek support in this direction. Support can be in the form of identifying and/or linking us to various companies for placements.  

C. Designing and developing a Vocational Training Program in a chosen Industry e.g. Financial/ IT/ Healthcare etc. 

Agrasar seeks to design better training programs then ones existing. We have recently designed a program for garment manufacturing industry and healtcare. However, we are looking for more options in IT and financial sector wherein our students can be trained and placed into entry-level roles. 

D. Facilitating industry exposure for participants enrolled in vocational training program. 

The participants who enrol in our centres hardly have any professional exposure. If we are able to organize half/full day exposure for them in a company in an organized manner, it will add significant value in their personality.  

E. Developing Branding & Communication strategy for Agrasar

Agrasar is a young organization(founded in 2011). Due to resource constraint we were not able to reach out to the larger community in gurgaon and other cities we are working in. We need to reach out to corporates and individual to seek their
support for starting work in education and other facets. This can happen through publishing of articles, awareness campaigns, social media etc.

F. Developing a Management Information System for the organization

As of now we are managing our work in google docs. As we are growing we may find difficult to sustain informaiton flow through this mechanism. An MIS can certainly add to our work efficienc